Call For Artists

2022-2023 Performance Partnership Program


The Southern Theater’s Performance Partnership Program (PPP) is a competitive program that gives artists and non-profit performing arts organizations the opportunity to present their work at The Southern Theater. Our desire in offering this program is to support emerging artists and underrepresented stories, offering a space for individuals and collectives to work on their craft and build an audience without financial burden.


One of the many setbacks of Covid-19 was the cancelation and postponement of all the shows we had slated for 2020. To provide a fair way to make up this loss, we have committed that the remainder of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 is being used to hold space for those artists whose shows were not able to be shown in 2020. We hope you will join us in supporting these artists in our theater over the next year. 


This plan, disappointing to some who hoped to book with us over the '21-'22 season, has a silver lining; it allows us as an organization to look further ahead, and to that end, we are opening up our Performance Partnership Program application for the 2022-2023 season, which will begin in July 2022 and go through June 2023. 


We hope you will apply! We hope that a longer runway schedule-wise will allow you time to apply for grants, as well as give you space to brainstorm, plan and develop new work. It will certainly allow us as a theater to further support our artists and partners through better, more intentional marketing and planning. 



  • Eight (8) partnership opportunities are available for the '22-'23 season
  • Partnerships are granted access to The Southern for one run of a performance with a maximum booking of 2 weeks as availability allows
  • Partnership bookings will take place in January–February, and June–September
  • No rental fees; your only cost directly to us is a nominal, non-refundable deposit to secure your dates
  • No tiered ticket-splitting based upon number of tickets sold. Rather, we will offer a straight 60/40 split, in your favor, regardless of number of tickets sold
  • Promotion on our website, specifically as part of our Partnership Program group marketing. This will include promotion on The Southern Theater’s website, social media pages, and large email lists. You will also be represented in our large marketing campaign promoting all partners as part of the 2022-2023 season
  • All Partners must use The Southern theater ticketing program and ticket staff. Use of third party ticketing programs will not be permitted
  • Participating shows must provide their own sound/lighting tech and stage manager



Tell us about who you are and why this partnership would benefit, support, or encourage your group. Tell us about some of your past shows, how long you've been a company, some of your company goals, and why you think The Southern Theater would be the best home for your work. In addition, please propose two options of dates between July 2022 and June 2023, taking into account the available months of Jan–Feb and June–Sept, in which you would like to run your show. [Please note: we cannot guarantee these dates, and all dates are on a first come, first served basis once your application is accepted.] 


Applications are open beginning September 1st. Please send application packet to addressed to Lindsey Wright. All are welcome to apply! Please note that if you were a partner in the past, or are currently one, that does not automatically mean you will be selected for the upcoming season; there is no grandfathering in, as we seek to open our doors to an ever-growing audience. 


Applications must be submitted by October 15th. Partners will be notified of their acceptance in mid-November.